Managed Print Services [MPS]

ABM provides a secure platform from which to assess, manage, and optimize your fleet of print / copy / scan devices, from procurement and transition planning, to implementation, remote management and support, and future right-sizing and deployment of new technologies.

With the ABM Federal Managed Print program, Federal Agencies have all the benefits of a managed print service along with the network and data security controls necessary to maintain highly secure printing environments.

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Moving to digitized documents provides security benefits and efficiencies around access to documents, improved permission controls and life-cycle compliance auditing.

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ABM Federal MPS Process

Your ABM Federal MPS consultant works with you to develop a comprehensive print output strategy that will help you achieve your overall print management objectives.


To measure success, you must establish a baseline. ABM Federal’s MPS program includes elements that help you understand your current and future print environments. These include: cost analysis, device functionality, and workflow requirements.


ABM Federal MPS software provides real-time data on the health, utilization and consumable supplies needs of your fleet to help you gain visibility and control of your print output costs.


Continuous process improvement is engrained in ABM Federal MPS. Through quarterly reviews, our consultants are able to recommend improvements for workflows and document management strategies that optimize your printing infrastructure.printers and multifunction devices from desktop to copy center.

The Truth About Printing Costs

It costs $9 to manage every $1 spent on printing services.

Printing volumes are increasing by 11 percent annually.

Increased printing means growing demands on support services: it is estimated that IT Departments spend 15 percent of their time on printing-related issues and 40 percent of all IT Help Desk calls are printer related.

A typical office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper and spends $15,000 annually on document output.

Sources: IDC, Gartner, All Associates

Maximum Fleet Up-time

ABM Federal MPS provides everything you need to maximize the performance of your printer fleet. From the supply of toner & ink, to preventative maintenance schedules, to break-fix service, we can manage your entire fleet of printers and multifunction devices from desktop to copy center.

Cost Containment

Your ABM Federal MPS consultant can help you discover how your organization can cut costs and improve productivity. Opportunities for savings exist through some of the following:

Scheduled monthly billing is predictable and requires less administrative and accounting time to process than invoices from multiple vendors.

  • Curtailed acquisition costs.
  • Decreased redundant purchases of supplies.
  • Reduced inventory storage requirements.

Cost Reduction & Containment

The printing infrastructure may be the last major unmanaged expense for many federal agencies. Substantial savings can be achieved through strategic planning and collaboration across departments including IT, facilities management, and administrative support.

Using ABM Federal’s centralized managed printing solution to control the “print cost-center” provides you with valuable insights into how your organization prints. The program facilitates informed decisions that can save your agency money, stretch your budgets, and allow for more predictable monthly / annual expenditures.

The program includes multiple components that support the federal government’s environmental sustainability goals, including ENERGY STAR, EPEAT and other efficiency ratings.

In addition, when your print fleet is optimized to meet your business needs, the increases in overall productivity and efficiency will make a positive contribution to the bottom line.


MPS helps reduce waste and energy usage while preserving essential print capabilities for the office worker. Through a managed environment, the customer realizes efficiencies and the resulting cost and resource savings through:

  • Reduced paper usage by using “Pull” and “PIN” printing solutions.
  • Fleet consolidation strategies to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Purchasing strategies that replace older models that use a lot of energy with more efficient equipment.
  • Energy savings.
  • New devices that meet sustainability goals mandated by Executive Orders 13423 and 13514.

Policy Based Printing

Your ABM MPS consultant will review your usage metrics and recommend cost reducing print policies. There is an array of software and hardware tools available to assist with print policy enforcement.


Management: Informed Decision Making

Benefits include:

  • Identify over- and under-utilized equipment and optimize device placement to improve workflows and reduce costs for total print output.
  • Identify and replace older equipment that is costly to operate to reduce your overhead in energy, parts and toner supplies.
  • Planned purchasing that considers business requirements, user needs, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI).

ABM Federal’s MPS Data Collection Agent “DCA” Complies with Information Security Laws

  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

ABM MPS software applications are not intended to be part of an internal control system for any of the above listed laws, but they will not interfere with these controls.