ABM Federal Video Series

 While Enterprise-level IT is critical to every organization, Office IT Endpoint devices are now equally critical. Desktop and mobile computing systems, printers & scanners, video displays and conferencing systems are all smart, network-connected devices that are highly vulnerable to outside attack.

In this ABM Federal video series we focus on what matters most, maximizing both security and performance by providing valuable “insights” and “innovations”. Offering advanced technology delivered through highly secure supply chains and the industry’s most effective security solutions to help you harden your entire endpoint landscape. 

ABM Federal's Core Capabilities

Over 70% of breaches now originate from endpoint devices and the threat is growing. Every device and every stage of information transfer and communications must now be hardened and secured with embedded security features.

We offer our clients innovative technologies that are delivered through highly secure supply chains, so they can maximize both performance and security in their IT environments. Our team has decades of experience working with the federal government, so we know how to get the job done right for you!

HP Printers and ABM Federal MPS

Today, printing and scanning devices are among the most vulnerable endpoints. Modern multifunction printers – or MFPs – just like your desktop computers have CPU’s, hard drives and operating systems, and they’re connected to your IT network. However, with this increased connectivity comes new cybersecurity risks.

Our Managed Print Services – or MPS – program provides a safe, secure platform to manage these devices, at every stage of operation. Our MPS consultants will work with you to design a customized program that addresses the management and care of your fleet based on your specific Agency needs.

ABM Federal Print Supplies

For over 40 years ABM Federal has specialized in providing IT consumables to federal agencies worldwide. We’ve assembled Best-In-Class contracts and an experienced, highly responsive team of Print Supplies Specialists to match. 

The ABM Federal team provides a one-stop solution for all of your printing consumable needs. We also offer “Best in Class” Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts and provide fully comprehensive eCommerce solutions.