What Makes HP devices the Most Secure in the World?


One of the key features that make HP security so unique is the ability to self-heal from an attack. Rather than setting off an alert and depending on an IT team to come to the rescue, HP security software takes measures into its own hands

Why Is Protecting Your PC’s BIOS Important?

Why Is Protecting Your PC's BIOS Important?

The possibility of the BIOS of a PC being compromised by a hacker poses a potentially grave threat, as the BIOS plays a crucial role in the functioning of a PC. Without properly functioning BIOS, your computer may not be able to start at all.

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attack

Many people mistakenly believe that breaches in cybersecurity result from expert hackers sophisticated techniques and high-tech equipment. In reality, the vast majority of successful hacks happen as a result of someone failing to install a routine security patch or falling victim to a phishing attack.