Device as a Service (DaaS)

IT Data Destruction / IT Asset Disposal

Every organization is under pressure to protect personal or proprietary information that may exist on IT hardware and office equipment. Data needs to be properly removed from hard drives whenever hardware EOL disposal takes place. It is absolutely critical that IT asset managers understand the issues involved, and exercise due-diligence in selecting the right contractors to participate in their organizations’ IT disposal process.

“Asset Recovery and Destruction (e-waste) Solution”

ABM Federal provides secure, green IT asset recovery, recycling and destruction. We provide project management for the refurbishment or destruction of any EOL (end-of-life) device including environmentally safe disposal of monitors, laptop & desktop PC’s, servers, routers, hard drives, back-up tapes, optical disks, USB and flash drives, copiers, printers, cell phones, PDA’s, and more.

Data Security Assurance

Our solution provides the highest DOD and NSA security levels, while also meeting or exceeding federal and state regulations including the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), and Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). The data destruction process is “NAID AAA Certified” and relies on best-of-breed hard drive data wiping software with extremely tight inventory management controls. The multi-step process ensures that any electronic media is first rendered irretrievable. Then the device is degaussed and finally shredded and destroyed.

Government Compliance
We provide NIST 800-88 level data eradication which allows your organization to remain compliant with all state and federal privacy regulations. We have the unique ability to provide data security procedures that mirror our client’s internal rules for handling company and customer data, concurrent with laws set forth with their particular industry.

SAN Array Data Destruction

Hard drive sanitization procedure, performed on a variety of SAN disk arrays, including, but not limited to, EMC Clarion & Symmetrix, Network Appliance, IBM, and HP-EVA. 

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Secure “Chain of Custody”

Upon receipt, all assets bearing hard drives (PCs, laptops, servers, PDAs, etc.) are locked down in a limited-access cage at one of our processing centers.

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Reverse Logistics

Few recyclers maintain adequate control over the transportation chain-of-custody, which could result in a security breach if your assets are lost or stolen in transit; or fines and penalties if assets wind up in a dumpster or unregulated landfill.

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On Premise (On-Site) Data Wiping

Hard drives are sanitized according to guidelines described in NIST 800-88. Using the most certified data erasure software known, choose three-pass, seven-pass or greater to remove sensitive data.  

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Environmentally Responsible Disposal

Believe it or not, most electronics are 100% recyclable. During the process of recycling, we are able to collect aluminum, copper, glass. gold, iron, plastic, platinum, steel and tin.

While these help us provide new materials that allow local remanufacturers to create new products, we’re also intervening to help make sure that a handful of harmful and highly toxic substances are collected and disposed of responsibly. Beryllium, BRFs (Brominated Flame Retardants), cadmium, lead, lithium, mercury, PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) all provide negative impact on the world around us.

We are proud to provide state-of-the-art manual mechanical dismantling that allows us to prevent leaching of these harmful elements and hazardous toxins into the environment. Strategically located service centers provide our customers with timely, unmatched, state-of-the-art service.


Hard Drive Sanitization

Our chain of custody and data security program, SecureTrack, was created to ensure that your data remains secure and irretrievable. The cornerstone of SecureTrack is our hard drive sanitization procedure, performed on a variety of SAN disk arrays, including, but not limited to, EMC Clarion & Symmetrix, Network Appliance, IBM, and HP-EVA.

Designed for High Security

Under SecureTrack, SAN arrays are sanitized according to guidelines developed by the NIST. These guidelines apply to the destruction of non-classified information, including data stored on large disk arrays. Described under NIST 800-88 of the National Industrial Security Program Operational Manual, this procedure renders data ultimately unrecoverable.

Top-Of-The-Line Tools

Utilizing Blancco’s certified and trusted data destruction software, our professionally trained staff ensures that your data is securely destroyed. Blancco’s software effectively cleanses data from SAN disk arrays of all models. Blancco ensures data erasure of sensitive data within your IT assets.

Mobile Data Destruction Services

With facilities in Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Canada, we are fully equipped to destroy your data remotely at any of our locations. Or, if you would prefer on-site data destruction, our data destruction professionals can perform these data eradication services at your facility or data center thereby eliminating chain of custody concerns.

Documentation and Certification

All SAN array data eradication customers will have access to web-based reporting, verification certificates and shipment tracking on ABM’s website. With this online certification reporting, you have the ability to track the progress of your data destruction project and view the status of each job.

The Bottom Line

Whether performed on-site or at one of our depot centers around the country, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure throughout the destruction process. Our regulatory compliant certified data eradication for SAN arrays provides your organization the highest level of data security in the industry.

Data Eradication

We provide a full suite of data destruction services including software based hard drive wiping, hard drive shredding, optical disk (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray) media destruction, USB and flash media destruction, and factory reset processes for devices with embedded storage (routers, printers, PDA’s). Our data eradication processes and verification reporting can be customized for any project or enterprise-wide program scenario you may encounter.

Our SecureTrack Data Destruction process is at the heart of our chain-of-custody and hard drive sanitization procedures. Upon receipt of your equipment, all assets bearing hard drives (PCs, laptops, servers, PDAs, etc) are locked down in a limited-access cage at one of our processing centers. At the customer’s option, hard drives are either sanitized via our NAID-certified overwrite process or physically destroyed by shredding. Both processes follow NIST 800-88. Assets then enter the general population of equipment for diagnostic and audit testing, or disposal by legitimate recycling. All materials are re-manufactured in the United States and follows the BASEL Convention. Nothing is shipped overseas and nothing goes into a landfill per our “Zero Landfill Policy”.

We use proprietary data destruction software from Blancco which overwrites all data three times or more (upon request) with a randomly generated series of 1s and Os. The Blancco process produces a tamper-proof, cryptographically-signed certificate of data destruction that identifies hard drives by serial number and is admissible in a court of law. In-operable or non-working hard drives are always physically destroyed by shredding and subsequently recycled.

Reverse Logistics One of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of IT disposal is logistics management. Many IT asset recovery firms lack the expertise to choose the right strategy or carrier for an individual project. Others approach logistics with a “one size fits all” philosophy by bundling shipping costs in with the recycling cost they quote the customer. This often results in the customer paying way too much for IT disposal services. Most importantly, few recyclers maintain adequate control over the transportation chain-of-custody, which could result in a security breach if your assets are lost or stolen in transit; or fines and penalties if assets wind up in a dumpster or unregulated landfill. For these reasons, logistics management must be a core competency of the company you select for IT disposal. Our Asset Recovery Solutions provide comprehensive logistics management solutions for organizations throughout the CONUS (continental United States). We work closely with clients on specific projects with an eye toward implementing and coordinating the safest, most cost-effective solution. Full Service Shipping: We will send an experienced, uniformed crew with the proper equipment and materials to safely pack and transport your assets to our nearest processing facility. Even if equipment is scattered on multiple floors throughout a building, or you do not have a loading dock; even if work needs to be performed after regular business hours, or on weekends; even if building management requires a Union crew – we can handle any quantity of equipment, from anywhere in the USA, on minimal notice, and at the lowest possible price! • Dock-To-Dock: If your organization has a loading dock, and your personnel can stack the equipment on standard 4×4 pallets and securely shrink-wrap it for pickup, we will arrange for transportation to our nearest processing facility via one of our preferred common carriers at a greatly reduced price versus full service. We will provide your personnel with packing instructions to ensure your equipment travels safe and secure. • Drop-off / Self-Ship: Clients can ship palletized equipment to our nearest processing facility via their own trucks, or via the common carrier of their choice, at no additional charge from ABM. • Small Package: For quantities up to 150 pounds, clients can pack and ship equipment directly to our nearest processing facility, via small package carrier of their choice (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.), at no additional charge from ABM. • Custom Project Management: We are experienced in managing large scale cleanouts and de-commissioning projects that require multi-man crews or multiple work-days to accomplish the work. We can arrange for specialized moving equipment to handle server room equipment or telecommunications gear safely, and within your time constraints. • True Worldwide Shipping Experience: We have done business globally for many years.. We pride ourselves on meeting unique requirements and helping you manage your next shipment. • Agility: Regardless of your location, quantity of equipment, or site requirements, ABM can tailor a logistics solution that meets your requirements.
Device as a Service (DaaS) – IT Data Destruction / IT Asset Disposal – On Premise (On-Site) Data Wiping

While the destruction of your hard drive is the most effective way to ensure you’re information remains safe, ABM can also provide a series of NIST 800-88-approved solutions that wipe your existing hard drives. We utilize SecureTrack,, a program where hard drives are sanitized according to guidelines described in NIST 800-88. Using the most certified data erasure software known, you can choose three-pass, seven-pass or greater to remove you sensitive data. SecureTrack renders your data ultimately unrecoverable.

Legislative driven acts such as HITECH, HIPAA and Graham-Leach-Bliley requires organizations to be responsible for securing their sensitive data. Vital information of millions such as medical records, social security numbers and banking information can be exposed with the theft of data. Stay compliant while avoiding serious consequences that come along with a data breach or theft.

ABM’s data destruction service relies on best-of-breed drive wiping software and strong inventory management controls. All of our processes are NAID AAA Certified. Your organization’s confidential or proprietary data is much too important to entrust to just any IT recycler. Do your due diligence and make certain your recycling vendor is providing your firm with every consideration when it comes to industry compliance regarding data eradication and destruction. If for any reason you have doubts and want to mitigate risks once and for all, count on ABM’s Asset Recovery Solutions. We will provide the appropriate data security solution for your individual project or enterprise-wide program which will meet your unique requirements and protect your organization from the risks and liabilities associated with IT disposal.
Are you stockpiling surplus hard drives and related media in need of a HIPAA, FACTA or GLB compliant disposal solution? Our On-Site Services Team provides customized data security solutions for specialized projects where other recyclers fear to tread. Our certified and trained IT technicians are available to consult, advise and implement non-conventional data security solutions for clients anywhere in the United States (CONUS).

A fleet of “DDRV’s” (Data Destruction & Recycling Vehicles (DDRV) are the nation’s top solution for onsite destruction. ABM can develop a program based on the following features and processes:
1. On-site destruction is scheduled by ABM Federal
2. Destruction is performed on-site within the confines of client docks or related work area
3. Processing on-site fully eliminates chain of custody concerns for clientele
4. Entire process is recorded within the client’s website – a hard copy is presented to client upon completion of project
5. ABM personnel and equipment need only the space to work – we provide power, etc.
6. 26 foot box truck is equipped with a shredder mounted within the bed of the truck for all media destruction
7. Media destruction includes hard drives to 2 inches in thickness, tapes, cell phones, PDAs, etc