Protect Your Sensitive Data Against Phishing Attacks

Protect Your Sensitive Data Against Phishing Attacks — Here’s How

Organizations across all industries — including government agencies — are targeted and susceptible to phishing attacks. Meanwhile, hackers are increasingly using phishing attacks to penetrate client device firmware and hardware. Approximately 83% of global information security professionals said they experienced a phishing attack in 2018, up from 76% one year earlier . Additionally, compromised accounts associated with phishing attacks rose 70% year over year in 2018 and have increased 280% since 2016.1

Safeguard Your PC Against BIOS Attacks

Hackers frequently target the first code that runs when you turn on your PC — the BIOS. Once your PC’s BIOS is compromised, the microprocessor used to boot your computer system shuts down. At this point, your PC is nonoperational and prone to cyberattacks. 

Thanks to the HP Sure Start software platform, you can protect your PC against BIOS attacks. Whereas traditional antivirus software cannot detect BIOS attacks, HP Sure Start works constantly — without user intervention — to prevent these attacks. HP Sure Start features self-healing BIOS so you can safely boot up your PC. If a corrupt version of the BIOS is detected, HP Sure Start automatically restarts your PC with a clean copy of the BIOS in place.

Stop Visual Hackers in Their Tracks

Federal office workers are vulnerable to visual hacking, i.e., physical spying on a computer screen to obtain sensitive information. Visual hacking is low-tech, simple, and effective, and 52% of visual hackers capture sensitive information by observing an unprotected computer screen. 

The HP Sure View integrated privacy screen ensures federal office workers can work on their computers without compromising sensitive data. This feature allows them to activate a privacy mode on their computers. With the HP Sure View privacy mode in effect, it becomes virtually impossible for visual hackers to see information on your computer screen. To use HP Sure View, simply press the fn+F2 (or F2) key, and your computer instantly transitions to privacy mode.

Add Multifactor Authentication Across Your Devices

A strong password reduces cyber risk, but it offers no guarantees. Because in some instances. hackers use powerful software to steal passwords — regardless of their strength. 

HP multifactor authentication takes password security to the next level. It adds a security measure that prevents hackers from accessing critical data or infrastructure — even if they have a password. Plus, HP multifactor authentication is easy to implement into everyday device usage.

Simplify and Secure Your Federal Office IT

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