Year-end spending plays into strengths of GSA AdvantageSelect

Bloomberg Government estimates that federal agencies will spend $28 billion on IT during the last quarter of the fiscal year. That translates into a lot of technology decisions for your government technology users and a lot of acquisition decisions for government contracting officers.

There’s not a lot of time to make those decisions, either.

GSA Advantage Select

What if there was a program that provided tech users with state of the art, reliable, and secure laptop and desktop solutions and made acquisition fast and easy for contracting officers? 

The GSA AdvantageSelect program does just that. GSA AdvantageSelect provides technology solutions from HP, Lenovo, and Dell. Multiple configurations let users choose the type of performance and features they need. Every mission is supported, whether its daily office work or high-end desktop computing. Security and reliability are “built in”, ensuring that buyers have access to today’s latest technology today. 

GSA AdvantageSelect is comprised of government-wide strategic solutions (GSS) blanket purchase agreements (BPA’s). The BPA’s are 100 percent FAR-compliant and, as part of the GSS program, have been designated Best in Class. All HP, Dell, and Lenovo models meeting the GSS standard configurations are available through the awarded BPAs.

Even agency-specific needs can be met as the program allows users to modify the configurations using OMB-approved options and accessories. All machines are TAA – Trade Agreements Act – compliant.

GSA’s buying guide states that the BPA’s feature, “fully pre-competed desktop and laptop products (that) are available for immediate purchase with no further competition required”. There is no need to do a request for quotation (RFQ) or get three bids. GSA estimates cost savings of up to 27 percent over other vehicles.

BPA awards were competed and made on a low price, technically acceptable (LPTA) basis. Agencies also aren’t required to complete a limited sources justification. Contracting officers can choose the solution that best meets their internal customer needs and place orders directly with GSA AdvantageSelect contractors.

Did we mention that customers also get small business credit when buying through AdvantageSelect? All of the contractors on this program are small business re-sellers. 

Meeting small business use goals can be a challenge at year-end and agencies may feel that they have to sometimes balance achieving goals with obtaining the performance they want. AdvantageSelect helps buyers achieve those goals while still obtaining low-risk brand-name solutions.

How do technology users and their acquisition colleagues decide among the AdvantageSelect options, though? 

Security is king in today’s federal IT market. Whether it’s having a secure supply chain or a secure solution, federal agencies have to know that they can rely on the technology they acquire. Experience in working with the unique challenges federal agencies face is key, as well. Ensuring that the contractor you choose offers an ideal combination of proven security, performance, and reliability will help your agency get the most the GSA AdvantageSelect program has to offer.

Some technology and acquisition decisions may be hard, especially when time is running out. Laptop and desktop computing solutions don’t have to be. The GSA AdvantageSelect program ensures that federal IT users and their acquisition team can get what they need, when they need it, at great prices. That’s an easy solution that lets the customer focus on your mission.

About the Author
Steve Nuelle is the president of ABM Federal, a contracting firm that provides secure information technology products and managed IT services to the federal government across the U.S. and worldwide.

This whitepaper was originally posted by Washington Technology on August 12, 2020.

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