A Review of HP’s Endpoint Security Solutions

Cyberattacks are up 400% since the start of the pandemic, and as the number of endpoints quickly increased with remote work so did the need for airtight endpoint security measures. We’ve talked about HP’s leading endpoint security solutions on our site before; they continue to set industry standards with updates to their hardware and software solutions. HP devices equipped with HP Wolf Security are ideal for meeting federal government standards for securely processing, sharing, and storing information.

New Risks

The FBI, the CISA, and the NSA observed ransomware attacks on 14 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors across the U.S. in 2021—including healthcare, emergency services, defense, and agriculture. In cooperation with authorities in Australia and the United Kingdom, the CISA noted alarming and fast evolution in multiple cyberattack strategies throughout 2021. Cybercriminals are feeling bold: the reward for taking ransoms can be quite high, and the effort required to conduct attacks is often quite low. With more people working and studying at home than ever, entry points are plentiful for capturing critical networks and valuable data.  


The CISA reported significant increases in phishing emails, stolen Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP), brute force, and other easy ways of exploiting vulnerabilities. IT security managers in both the private and public sector struggled to keep up with a constant demand for software patching. Additionally, the market for cybercriminal business became more organized and professional over the course of 2021. Ransomware-as-a-service is a growing sector, where would-be hackers pay for a subscription to ransomware with little programming expertise required. Some RaaS organizations offer to negotiate, facilitate, and process payments as well, with the intention of sharing the profits. 

Obviously agencies need robust security measures to protect their networks. But endpoint security requires some new strategies. It’s more important than ever to educate your employees about basic security practices; practices like creating proper passwords, setting up multi-factor authentication, learning to recognize suspicious links, and even remembering to not leave sensitive documents in the printer tray. But a strong security strategy also accounts for people making mistakes and covers the vulnerabilities that are exposed by human error. That’s where HP Wolf Security stands out.

New Resources

HP designed its Wolf Security system with the complicated overlap of networks and endpoint devices in mind. HP Wolf Security was designed specifically to address vulnerabilities that arise from common human behavior—from using weak passwords to downloading dangerous files. HP Sure Click Enterprise isolates applications in micro-virtual machines (micro-VMs) to prevent them from infecting an entire device. Sure Click scans attachments before they’re opened, and if an attachment is corrupted, the micro-VM will self-destruct. It works the same way for internet tabs, isolating them within a web browser and self-destructing if malware is detected. Sure Click further monitors websites asking for login credentials, and can warn users of sites that are not secure. Particularly important for federal agencies, Sure Access Enterprise specifically protects users who may be more valuable targets for hackers because of their security status or possession of valuable documents.

HP Wolf Security is unique because it includes hardware security measures in addition to software. The security module and the micro-VM feature are separate from the motherboard and monitor security vulnerabilities in real-time. HP Wolf Security software including innovative self-healing firmware, in-memory breach detection, and threat containment runs in the background while users go about their normal work. As part of HP’s zero trust model, Wolf Security measures are automatic and do not require any action from users in order to minimize the room for mistakes.

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At ABM Federal, we have a long and proven track record of providing federal government with secure, innovative product and service solutions. We understand the unique guidelines and restrictions that federal agencies must operate under for procuring, purchasing, and maintaining PCs and printers. We offer “Best In Class” (BIC) contract vehicles that manage the heavy lifting around compliance and budgeting requirements. We are proud to partner with HP to educate customers on the technology and services available today, featuring the industry’s best hardware-enforced security. Contact us to learn more about equipping your office with secure endpoint devices of the highest standard.

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