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Hello and Welcome!

Curious to see how with the click of your mouse you can order 1 to 1 million+ desktops, laptops, tablet and monitors?  ABM Federal’s Simple and Speedy Computer Acquisition Program allows you to do just that!

First, know that this program is actually a mandate by the OMB as a way to streamline PC acquisition across the entire federal government!

Next, know that the GSA (yep, the same GSA that you know and love) has done something rather revolutionary.  With your precious time in mind, they conducted a reverse auction among ALL GSS CONTRACT HOLDERS and awarded 3 sole-source BPA’s.  Then they created an online store to make it easy-peasy to purchase!

Seriously, just go on a little buying spree and add some laptops and desktops into your CART and then CHECKOUT!  You will then be prompted to register (and your cart will be saved).  Then, call me and let me know what you think.

Give ABM Simple and Speedy a try! Click GO once you arrive.

I think you’re gonna LOVE good ole’ ABM Federal!


Paul Ostrander

National Sales Manager



PS.…all with the click of a mouse!

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