IT Asset Mgt / Tagging / Tracking

ABM Federal IT Asset Management / Tagging and Tracking

Serialized, tamper proof, secure supply chain label and asset tags to avoid substitutions, tampering and theft.

Protect your asset integrity and safeguard your people with an easy, effective, covert Authentication System.
Overt, Covert, Forensic, Inimitable

Level 1: Secure – Overt
Visible and Discernible to the average person without training or instruction.
Asset Tag, Hologram, ID Number

Level 2: Secure Plus – Covert
Trained examiner utilizes simple tools to expose covert features.
Magnification, UV Light, IR Pen

Level 3: High Security – Forensic
Covert forensic features revealed by specially trained persons with special equipment.
Taggant Detectors & Spectrometers

Level 4: Ultra Security – Inimitable
Inimitable optical taggants with fixed encrypted information only decoded with specialized readers.
ABM Federal EST Forensic Detectors

Taggants for Labels
Taggants for Witness Marks
UV & IR Reactive Inks
UV & IR Reactive Coatings
Unique: Dyes, Pigments, Inorganic Up-Converters
UV & IR Handheld Light for quick onsite inspections of labels & witness marks

Easy tools to verify authentic tags, labels, ID numbers, tamper evident witness marks.
Unique Encrypted Spectral Taggants using a lock and key principal for the ultimate authentication solution that cannot be reverse engineered.

Enhanced Security Bar-codes
Overt Interleaved Text
Digitally Imaged & Invisible
Printed sequentially or with a Variable Image

ABM Federal will design an asset authentication plan to fit your equipment and employees.
Cost effective, field friendly verification for you.
ABM Federal affords its customers the opportunity to switch security features randomly and at any time to keep cleaver counterfeiters continuously off guard.

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