SAN Array Data Destruction

SAN Array Data Destruction

Hard Drive Sanitization

Our chain of custody and data security program, SecureTrack, was created to ensure that your data remains secure and irretrievable. The cornerstone of SecureTrack is our hard drive sanitization procedure, performed on a variety of SAN disk arrays, including, but not limited to, EMC Clarion & Symmetrix, Network Appliance, IBM, and HP-EVA.

Designed for High Security

Under SecureTrack, SAN arrays are sanitized according to guidelines developed by the NIST. These guidelines apply to the destruction of non-classified information, including data stored on large disk arrays. Described under NIST 800-88 of the National Industrial Security Program Operational Manual, this procedure renders data ultimately unrecoverable.

Top-Of-The-Line Tools

Utilizing Blancco’s certified and trusted data destruction software, our professionally trained staff ensures that your data is securely destroyed. Blancco’s software effectively cleanses data from SAN disk arrays of all models. Blancco ensures data erasure of sensitive data within your IT assets.

Mobile Data Destruction Services

With facilities in Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Canada, we are fully equipped to destroy your data remotely at any of our locations. Or, if you would prefer on-site data destruction, our data destruction professionals can perform these data eradication services at your facility or data center thereby eliminating chain of custody concerns.

Documentation and Certification

All SAN array data eradication customers will have access to web-based reporting, verification certificates and shipment tracking on ABM’s website. With this online certification reporting, you have the ability to track the progress of your data destruction project and view the status of each job.

The Bottom Line

Whether performed on-site or at one of our depot centers around the country, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure throughout the destruction process. Our regulatory compliant certified data eradication for SAN arrays provides your organization the highest level of data security in the industry.

Data Eradication

We provide a full suite of data destruction services including software based hard drive wiping, hard drive shredding, optical disk (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray) media destruction, USB and flash media destruction, and factory reset processes for devices with embedded storage (routers, printers, PDA’s). Our data eradication processes and verification reporting can be customized for any project or enterprise-wide program scenario you may encounter.


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