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OMB “GSS Desktop and Laptop Buying Events” have been organized to inform and provide agencies with strong computer purchasing options. In August 2016, using a category management approach, IT Schedule 70 conducted a reverse auction where suppliers submitted initial quotes for three laptop and three desktop configurations to GSS via eBuy, and those rated “technically acceptable” participated in the pricing phase.

IMPRES Technology Solutions (Dell), ABM Federal Sales (Hewlett-Packard) and NCS
Technologies (Lenovo) were awarded contracts, and 36 agency representatives attended
buying events to survey options.

The intent of agencies to buy as one drove prices immediately down an average of 16 percent and has the potential to save up to 27 percent off GSA standard pricing, as well as save U.S. taxpayers an initial $8 million overall.


The Category Management Leadership Council (CMLC), chaired by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), established the Workstations Commodity Team (WCT) to develop a framework and strategy for effectively managing multiple interagency acquisition vehicles in the information technology workstation space (i.e. desktops, laptops) to manage the spend, reduce costs, and increase value through the application of strategic sourcing principles. The WCT represents a collaborative effort of over 20 Federal Agencies.

As part of category management, the primary goals of the Team were to identify a common set of desktop and laptop configurations that meet the vast majority requirements of the Federal Government. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP) Office was appointed by OMB to lead this initiative. The WCT conducted extensive data analysis of the Government’s largest laptop and desktop contracts and determined that nearly 80% of basic laptop and desktop needs could be met through six (6) standard configurations.

NASA developed an implementation plan and deployment strategy in collaboration with the General Services Administration (GSA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The end result was the establishment of the “Government-Wide Strategic Sourcing Solutions (GSS) for Desktops and Laptops”, available exclusively through the following existing Government-Wide Acquisition Vehicles (GWAC’s):

› NASA SEWP V, NIH / NITAAC CIO-CS, and GSA Schedule 70

› Three (3) desktop and three (3) laptop configurations are offered

› Today’s latest technology is ensured

› Solutions from HP, Dell and Lenovo are featured (open to others)

› All solutions are TAA Compliant

› All solutions are Energy Star / EPEAT Gold / 508 Compliant

› Standard 30-day delivery

› Up to 5-year extended warranties available

› Over 80% of vendors are “Small Business”

IMPORTANT NOTE: OMB has subsequently issued Policy M-16-02, which directs all federal agencies to use these 3 GWAC’s exclusively when purchasing standard desktop and laptop computing devices.

Need assistance? You can place your order directly with ABM Federal by sending a PO to or or by calling ABM directly at 1-800-729-9380.


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ProDesk 2015 600 Series - HP ProDesk 600 G2 SFF, HP ProDesk 600 G2 MT, HP ProDesk 600 DM, HP ProOne 600 G2 AiO touch, Multiple View

ProDesk 2015 600 Series – HP ProDesk 600 G2 SFF, HP ProDesk 600 G2 MT, HP ProDesk 600 DM, HP ProOne 600 G2 AiO touch

HP ProDesk 600 Tower, SFF and Mini, Left facing

HP ProDesk 600 Tower, SFF and Mini, Left facing