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ABM Federal Featured Network Solution

The HP FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch

FlexFabric – solutions for the data center
Data center networks are at a breaking point. HP FlexFabric offers a new architectural approach that provides simplified, scalable and automated connectivity for virtualized compute, storage and cloud. The HP FlexFabric solution is a unified data center Ethernet fabric delivering a software-defined data center network infrastructure.

HP FlexFabric delivers:
Simplification — reduce data center networking complexity by up to 75%
• Unified management of virtual/physical and LAN/SAN networks
• OS/feature consistency, no licensing complexity or hidden costs
Scalability — double the fabric scaling of existing data center solutions
• Non-blocking reliable fabric for 100-10,000+ hosts
• Spine and leaf fabric optimized for Cloud and SDN
Automation —network provisioning in minutes verse weeks
• Faster time to service delivery
• Open, standards based programmability

Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) overcomes the limitations of legacy spanning tree designs by providing rapid failover for delay-sensitive, mission-critical applications and dramatically improving network utilization and performance in the network core.
IRF is an innovative HP switch platform virtualization technology that allows customers to dramatically simplify the design and operations of their data center and campus Ethernet networks.
• Virtualizes switching platforms to dramatically simplify the design and operations of the network fabric.
• Flatten networks by eliminating the need for a dedicated aggregation layer.
• Provide more direct, higher capacity connections between users and network resources.
HP FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch is a compact modular data center core switch supporting virtualized data centers and evolutionary needs of private and public clouds deployments. Delivering unprecedented levels of performance, buffering, scale, and availability with high density 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE interfaces at a lower cost, using only a fraction of the footprint used by traditional chassis.

The switch supports full Layer 2 and 3 features, including advanced features such as TRILL and HP Intelligent Resilient Fabric (IRF), which enable scale-out, two-tier leaf-spine architecture

Next Generation Compact Modular Data Center Core Switch
• The HP FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch supports virtualized data centers and public and private clouds deployments.
• Supports scale-out, two-tier leaf-spine architectures with greater reliability.
Delivers Unprecedented Levels of Performance at Lower Cost
• The HP FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch provides high density 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE interfaces in a smaller footprint than a traditional modular chassis.
• Combines the investment protection and flexibility of a chassis – but in a smaller foot print and at a lower entry price.
• Includes feature rich HP Comware capabilities and simplified zero cost/complexity licensing.
Enables a Simplified, Automated Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Fabric
• With the HP FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch you get large Layer 2 scaling with TRILL and HP IRF.
• Federates HP FlexFabric infrastructure with VMware NSX virtual overlay.
• Supports VXLAN, NVGRE and OpenFlow 1.3.
• Supports open, standards based programmability – SDN App Store and SDK.

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